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Charleston Bilingual Academy admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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Ways to Get Involved: Online Auction

I never lose the awe of touring the school with a potential family and seeing what is happening through the eyes of someone who is seeing it for the first time.  I remember the first tours before we started the school with Daniels, Hagys, Winters, and Goggins. Even with the dusty carpets, they had to imagine a school. Every year since, we add another couple of rooms to the tour, and now we are walking throughout the whole building.

While I do not get excited about raising money, I am passionate about creating a space for little people to be formed into world changers. And I believe this school will form thousands of world changers over the next decades.  To expand our reach, we need more space, which means we need to raise money to build an elementary building. Most urgently, we need to raise $200,000 for a matching gift by the end of the year. (Good news, we have already raised $90,000 of that!)

The CBA auction is one of our main strategies.  It is a great vehicle to let our community know there is a school here that will change their community. Our end goal is not simply college prep, or getting a good job; our end goal is equipping students cognitively, linguistically, socially, and spiritually to use their skills and gifts to love others and change the world.

Beyond raising awareness, the auction allows people, who do not necessarily have money to give, the ability to give something else. Items we are receiving include football tickets, concert tickets, chef's table at a high-end restaurant, a car, beach condo, teeth whitening, fishing trip (one dad is revealing his redfish honey hole in Awendaw!), golf at exclusive clubs, and more. I have reached out the school's insurance broker, termite controller, hvac supplier, and others who may be willing to donate an item.

Please take the time and get creative. Who are companies that you provide business? For example, do you know a dentist, pediatrician, insurance, mortgage lender, or real estate agent who would list a house at 2%? Who are people you know that are passionate about inspiring world changers? Such as an uncle who hunts or fishes, a neighbor who plays at great golf clubs, or in-law who owns a mountain condo?

Then just ask God to give you the courage that you had when you were a 7 year old and knocked on a neighbor's door to sell chocolate or wrapping paper. Call them and tell them about the uniqueness of this school, and how their gift is not simply benefiting the current students, but they are giving towards a long-term solution to create sustainable change as our students go all over the world changing lives. Then ask them if they would like the privilege to participate in this God-sized vision.

You can share with them some of our tools that are available in hard copy near the front door at school: save the date, business poster, donation receipt, card that share more about the school .

In addition, here are more tools just to help mobilize you to raise donations video instructions, letter to parents, auction ideas.

And the reality is these donors could become long-term supporters of the school. So in short, please:

  1. Show gratitude!

  2. Give them the donation receipt with tax deduction information and the business poster.

  3. Let them know the end goal is not a building, but growing world changers. You can give them the postcard with more information on the school.

  4. Let them know that their business will get exposure to hopefully over 5,000 auction bidders

  5. If the item is staged in the store, take a picture (since staging will be more difficult at CBA.)

  6. Nourish the relationship so that they hopefully donate again. And let us know if the office should also follow up and show more gratitude.

If every parent can collect at least $300 in donations, then we can make our goal of $26,000 at the auction (which will be online for 2 weeks starting October 22, and then the largest items will be finalized at the November 3rd concert with an auctioneer!)