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Charleston Bilingual Academy admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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Want to help? Share our Online Auction

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Funding a school is not easy.  South Carolina public schools average over $10,000 per student. Private schools often struggle to be viable. As a result, they can be guilty of “nickel and diming” their parents. Our vision at Charleston Bilingual is to charge upfront a registration fee, tuition, and request that students bring in supplies the first day. Period. Then, we steward the finances to make sure our operational budget is in the black. Every year.

As we grow, we need to provide more space to inspire more world changers.  A new educational wing will double our instructional capacity and allow us to grow through 8th grade.  Since our operational budget does not cover capital projects, we have developed a two-fold capital campaign that avoids nickel and diming our parents.

1. On one side we are expanding our networks and sharing the school’s vision, allowing people and corporations an opportunity to financially invest in this God-sized vision.

2. We are providing creative ways to raise funds through our community, providing great opportunities like a world-class concert with food and child care, and providing an auction (I already have my Christmas gift figured out!)  By promoting the concert (through social media and posting a flier in your grocery store), and by reaching out for auction donations, parents have the opportunity to spread the word without having to spend their own money.

Our online auction is now live, with over 100 items thanks to our extremely supportive families. If we average $250 per item (understanding we have some BIG items that will go for a few thousand each), then we can reach our goal of $26,000. You might find a good Christmas gift at the auction, but even better, please share the link to the auction to 100 people. If 240 parents share the love with 100 people, then we could potentially get 24,000 viewing our auction, heavily increasing our fund raising!

By providing great dates and great Christmas gifts, CBA is avoiding the strategy of nickel and diming our families, while intentionally pushing forward to advance our school’s mission through building a new educational wing.