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How and why CBA's elementary curriculum is different.

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Parents, start by asking yourselves, what did you like about your elementary school? What would you have change? When you look back on your life, did your first years of schooling change the trajectory of your life?

I remember writing down bold face words for each chapter. I remember memorization. I remember getting ready for the test on Friday. I remember focusing on one subject, like science, for 45 minutes and then putting it away inside my desk cubby, and then pulling out the next textbook, like math. I remember sitting in a desk in a row. I remember kind teachers, and I remember teachers who quickly lost patience with this boy, (who was all boy) shaking my foot against the floor, tapping my pencil in the desk, getting out of my seat, and getting corrected when I spoke out before being called on...

While the US standards (common core) have moved away from endless "content coverage" and prioritizing memorization. It still has not caught up with international education trends that focus on competency-based outcomes. Aligned with international and Canadian practice, CBA seamlessly develops standards (drawing from common core), assessments, and lesson planning across age levels with the focus of developing the holistic child. We are not creating robotic memorizers. We are not extinguishing a child's desire to learn through painstaking drilling throughout the school day and then hours of homework. Now, I am not saying students do not work hard, but I am saying students should enjoy their work. We are inspiring lifelong learners who are treasure hunters, collaborative and creative thinkers, that actively engage their community, fueled by a love for God, a love for others, a love for truth, and the capacity to change the world.

Here are CBA's competencies that serve as the core of our curriculum:


  • Treasure hunting- Students will be fascinated with all of creation. They will discover the Triune God as He purposefully reveals Himself throughout all of His creation and the Bible (Colossians 1:15-18, Romans 1:19-20, Psalms 19:1-6).

  • Confident Humility- Students will confront fear and develop their many gifts and talents, gratefully acknowledging their abilities come from the Triune God.

  • Honor- students will uphold honesty, responsibility and respect for others in their words and actions.

Creative Thought

  • Discernment- Students will distinguish between truth, falsehood, and opinion, recognizing that truth emanates from the nature of the Triune God. as Jesus is Truth, and there is nothing false in Him.

  • Organize/Analyze/Synthesize/Create- Students will organize knowledge, analyze patterns and truths, then construct meaning and purpose with the end goal of innovating thought, product or action built upon on the integrity of the knowledge acquired. Growth mindset- Students will embrace new challenges, as they reflect and seek feedback to foster ongoing understanding and growth.


  • Active reading and listening- Students will engage in listening and reading the words of others intending to understand the purposes of the communicator.

  • Winsome writing and speech- Students will employ best techniques, to speak and writing informatively, professionally and persuasively

  • Loving polemic- Students will collaboratively seek truth through dialogue, challenging differences in a spirit of respect and love.

  • Servant leadership- Students will empathize with other people from many cultures and languages, employing their gifts and talents to actively love others through serving their needs.

CBA will supplement its proprietary curriculum with EL Language Arts curriculum and Eureka (Singapore) Math curriculum, wrapping the content into projects, that bring in STEM, Artistic expression, and social studies, where students become problem solvers who apply the scientific method across fields of study.

As we endeavor on the most developmentally-based instruction (language immersion), and employ the most engaging methodology (project-based), and focus on the end goals (competencies), we are partnering with parents to inspire world changers. We believe that our current students will one day look back on their lives and realize their entire trajectories were formed by their preschool-elementary-middle school education at CBA.