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Finding Community

Why a pumpkin patch family field trip?

To overgeneralize, we live in a culture where relationships are dying. The person in front of us is engaged with his phone. The neighbor next to us pulls into her garage and closes the door. We put on our headphones and close out the world. And we work hard, really hard, to become self-sufficient, showing no weaknesses and not needing anyone else.  Ohhhh, but we were made in the image of the Triune God, where the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have been inseparably one for all eternity (except when Jesus momentarily took on our sins). We desperately need relationships. More than food and comfort, we need others. Yet, if we let them in too close, they will find we are not self-sufficient, and we have faults and weaknesses…

What the heck does that have to do with the pumpkin patch? Well, they both drive at the DNA of the school. The reason we started the school; the reason we have parent Spanish and English classes; the reason we have a lounge where parents can drink coffee and hang out; the reason we have family field trips; the reason I hang out at the door every morning… is because we were made for community. Just as our children need friendships, so do we. Parenting is not always easy. And when it gets hard, marriage usually gets hard too. And we need friends who see into our weaknesses, love us, encourage us, and help us to find patience, wisdom and strength in the Lord.

I hope that through pumpkin patches, concerts, director chats… each family will start to connect with a few other families. I hope they end up doing play dates, and then share potluck dinners. You know, text each other at 4 pm and say “My house is a wreck. I am making a casserole. Why don’t you guys come at 6, and bring whatever you are cooking and we can eat together.” Then at 6:45 you say “Thank you for coming and thank you for leaving,” because we all have kids to bathe, dress, read to, pray with, and tuck in 4 times (as they find excuses to keep getting out of bed!). And after a few potlucks, you start to realize they are as messed up as you are- and that you need each other! Community.