Are you inspired? Inspired to give your child an intercultural education? Perhaps you’re inspired by the teachers who love your child. We are.

One thing is clear, we are inspired by God’s call to grow. To grow world changers. To grow opportunities throughout our community. To grow our school. But we can’t do it alone. We need you to join us in prayer. Partner with us. Tell others about the growth your child has made.

Currently, our families want to see CBA grow through 8th grade. What we offer is unique. Not only are we offering language immersion, we are doing it through a Christ-centered lens that encourages our children to love their neighbor of any culture, know God’s great love, and ask questions.

Since 2017, we have raised $440,000. $50,000 has been reinvested into facility renovations (including our new basketball court!) The remaining $390,000 are earning interest in our building fund. We are praying this year that God will provide anchor donors to cover $2 million toward the $3.5 million elementary wing that we have designed. for our larger campus plan located at Friendship Baptist Church.

All gifts are tax-deductible.